(used as an intensifier) extremely well

"her voice is superbly disciplined"

Of unusually high quality; excellent:

a superb wine; superb skill.

Majestic; imposing:

The cheetah is a superb animal.



Synonyms of Superbly:

  • admirably
  • amazingly
  • astoundingly
  • brilliantly
  • marvellously
  • resplendently
  • spectacularly
  • splendidly
  • staggeringly
  • stupendously
  • terrifically
  • well
  • wonderfull
  • wondrously

Translations of Superbly

Spanish - Magníficamente

French - Superbement

German - Hervorragend

Welsh - Ardderchog

Afrikans - Pragtig

Italian - Superbamente

Chinese - 酒店雄伟

Arabic - ممتاز

Greek - Superbly

Hebrew - מעולה

Polish - Wspaniale

Catalan - Magníficamente

Japanese - 見事に

Vietnamese - Tuyệt vời

Russian - Superbly

Turkish - Mükemmel

Example Sentences Using Superbly

And then there were movies like All About Eve where the playwright Lloyd Richards (Hugh Marlowe) wrote hit play after hit play, all starring the grande Margo Channing (Bette Davis, in superbly attractive-repulsive hair-do) until that young whipper-snapper Eve Harrington took over; though Lloyd Richards still had hits with her in his plays.
Chris Durang: A Life in the Theatre: Sorry/Grateful
Even though the Springboks recovered superbly from the pyschological hammerblow of losing a home series to the All Blacks for the first time to win all five tests in Argentina, France and
ANC Daily News Briefing
Her eyes wide and startled, Diana continued unwrapping until her lap blazed with barbaric splendor, with diamonds and emeralds and opals and other gems she could not name, all in superbly wrought settings.
Dearly Beloved
The guests were conveyed in superbly decorated gondolas down the Grand Canal.
The Story of Versailles
"Oh, do you mean our waistcoats, sir?" asked Hunter, in superbly feigned surprise.
The Loom of Youth
With that he stepped gracefully, superbly from the dais beneath his throne.
The Blind Spot
Musjid rising superbly from a network of narrow streets and shabby toppling houses.
Far to Seek A Romance of England and India
But Ally had borne her sin superbly; she had declared that it was hers and hers only, and that she and not Greatorex would be punished.
The Three Sisters
Olympic Mountains springing superbly from the sea.
A Daughter of the Middle Border
He was clad in superbly embroidered robes, wore a diamond crown or tiara, held
The Story of the Greeks
As if to refute this cautious statement, the gondola quietly glided out again upon the Grand Canal, in full face of a great white dome, rising superbly from a sculptured marble octagon against a radiant sky.
A Venetian June
The principal room on the first-floor was lined with blue satin superbly decorated with pheasants and other birds in gold.
The Strand District The Fascination of London
We had dressed for our walk (Lucilla being ready long before I was), and had got as far as the garden gate on our way to Browndown -- when we heard, on the other side of the wall, a man's voice, pitched in superbly deep bass tones, pronouncing these words:
Poor Miss Finch
Generally speaking anything sown this spring has gone in superbly and has lifted spirits accordingly.
FWi - All News
Smylie made a strong start to the match, scoring from close range in the 14th minute after throwing a neat dummy and breaking superbly from a Afoa turnover to set up a second Blues try that was neatly finished by Anthony Tuitavake.
Tevez posted the warning signals for Fulham after two minutes when keeper Mark Schwarzer dived low to his right to save superbly from the Argentine.
BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition
The "big prize" they will be eyeing is LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran, who is believed to be holed up there in superbly fortified underground bunkers.
Asia Times Online
Less than 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD, enjoy 5-star accommodation in superbly appointed
Spring crops have gone in superbly and generally speaking are developing very evenly.
FWi - All News